Nest Boxes

There are an estimated 400 species in Australia that rely on hollows for habitat, breeding and shelter.
Natural tree hollows are declining due to the pressures of urbanisation and land clearing. You can provide a supplementary hollow for wildlife in your area by installing a nest box.
At Forest Heart, we are proud to offer you nest boxes made by Hollow Log Homes.

Alan and Stacey Franks have extensively researched Australian hollow dependent fauna and their habitat needs working in conjunction with Universities and Government Scientists. They have established a comprehensive set of criteria for nest boxes for native wildlife.

All of the nest boxes on the ‘Hollow Log Homes’ lists have recorded nesting/denning of the target species.The nest boxes are built to the highest standards using external grade Plywood & Cyprus, (from ethical sources), Natural wood preservative, stainless steel hinges on lids.

To explore the range at Forest Heart – look under “For Wildlife” in “Shop”.

Here’s some of the wildlife you may benefit:

feather gliderswoodford 1nest box fullGalahsBoobook Owl Chicks

For more information about their products, have a look at their fantastic website: