Native Plants

We aim to provide you with local plants for your gardens and revegetation projects. Our stock is sun-hardened and ready for planting.

You will find a diverse range of stock, including: groundcovers, grasses, vines, wetland species, flowering shrubs, small to medium trees, large rainforest trees, eucalypts, shade-lovers and  unusual and hard to find flora treasures.

Here’s a list of plants we have in stock (or have had recently) – this is an ever growing (pun intended!) list and will be updated again soon. ForestHeart.growlist

Do you want to encourage butterflies into your garden? Here’s a great list of native plants to help create the perfect butterfly paradise! ForestHeart.butterfly.plants

Pop in regularly as our range grows and new stock comes in.
hoya.australis  mimulus.prost  tabernamontana.pand  IMG_0463

L-R: Hoya australis, Mimulus prostratus, Tabernaemontana pandaqui, Artanema fimbriatum.

Looking for colour in your garden? Have a look at these poster (also available in pdf format) to help you choose plants for your garden.

red.fh    purple.fh    yellow.fh    white.fh

Red flowering plants pdf: red.fh      Purple flowering plants pdf:purple.fh    Yellow flowering plants pdf: yellow.fh   White flowering plants pdf: white.fh

BRUSH TURKEY ENT  300 pixelsIf you are looking for wholesale numbers (ie more than 200 plants), have a browse on our Brush Turkey wholesale nursery site:
Brush Turkey Wholesale Nursery

We now also have a great range of FRUIT TREES which is always changing – come in and see!