Terra Firma Food for Natives

Terra Firma Natives & Shrubs

Natives & Shrubs fertiliser has been developed to cater the requirements of native plants, trees and native grasses including Bottlebrushes, Grevilleas, Proteas and Kangaroo Paws. This product contains a composted base of Poultry Manure with added Sulphate of Potash, Feathermeal, Blood Meal, Kelp and Zeolite. The inclusion of natural gypsum will add calcium and sulphur without changing the pH of the soil, making Natives & Shrubs also great for palms, fruit trees and for your vegie garden.

High Performance 100% Organic Fertiliser Pellets




Benefits of Terra Firma Natives & Shrubs:

  • Australian Organic Registered Farm Input & Australian Organic Registered Garden Product
  • High Performance, and easy to use

Application Rates:

A slow release, organic fertiliser pellet, suited to all Australian Natives, including Bottlebrush, Grevillea, Protea, Kangaroo Paw Plants and Shrubs.

This Product can also be used on a variety of plants including Palms, Fruit and Vegetable and Flowering Plants as listed below.

General: 100g – 200g per square metre

Native Tree & Shrubs: Before planting mix 50g with the soil at the base of the planting hole. Spread another 50g on top of the soil and under the mulch. Established – Spread 100g per square metre, away from the trunk and out to the drip line of the plant.

Rose, Flowers & Vegetables: Spread 200g per square metre 1 – 2 weeks before planting. Work into top 5 – 10cm & water. Established – Spread 100g per square metre every 4 – 6 weeks. For annual flowers apply at early bud formation.

Fruit Trees: Before planting mix 100g with the soil in the bottom of the planting hole. Spread another 50g around the drip line and cover with mulch. Established – Spread 500g up to 4kg for older trees. For Citrus apply in July, November & March.

Strawberries: Spread 200g per square metre & mix into soil during bed formation. Side dress rows once every 4 – 6 weeks – 75g per metre of row after flowering commences.

Vines & Bulbs: Spread 100g per square metre before planting. Side dress rows once every 4 – 6 weeks – 75g per metre of row after flowering commences.


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