Break Down


A ready to use enzyme based organic ferment.

Break Down initiates and accelerates the break down
of organic residue and returns nutrients to the soil

1 Litre bottle

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Where and when to use it:
GARDENS Apply Break Down to garden areas (soil or mulch) to improve the environment for the soil biology and plants to thrive.
LAWNS Apply Break Down to degrade thatch and lawn clippings.
PATHWAYS Spray Break Down over pathways and gravel driveways to breakdown leaf litter, organic material and to complete the weed breakdown cycle after using a herbicide.
COMPOST Use Break Down in your compost to initiate and accelerate the composting process of but not limited to vegetable scraps, lawn clippings, leaves, twigs and small branches.
Safe for Septic systems and compost toilets.

– Works in all weather conditions.
– Won’t harm living plants.
– Safe to use around children and pets.
– Vegan friendly.
– For best results use in conjunction with other Earthlife garden products.


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