As the Covid19 pandemic rolls across the globe and the reality of our vulnerability to diseases without borders sinks in (for some of us…), it’s a good opportunity to remember that not so old saying “think globally but act locally”. By that, I mean we need to have a global outlook – we’re only one earth and we all need to pull together to look after her and to resolve our global problems,  but it’s also a good time to consider localising some / many aspects of our economies and high on this list of priorities has got to be growing our own food locally and in-turn looking after this little share of earth that we call home (our true source of all true wealth).  And before you ask … no I’m not having flashbacks to the 60’s (born in 69’), the Age of Aquarius, peace love and rainbows etc… This is simply how the world works and its about time we grew up and caught up with this… rant over (for now).

In this time of great adversity for the health and wealth of people, it’s heartening to see a few positive outcomes including a strengthening of our local communities (while keeping a respectful distance, of course) through the support of our small business’s at least those who have been able to adapt and stay open. Another interesting outcome has been the growing interest in self and shared reliance when it comes to growing food and gardening and growing plants in general. Vegetable seedlings have become worth their weight in gold (I wish) or at least their weight in toilet paper (apparently the second most valuable commodity after gold in a global pandemic?) Gardens have never looked so good as the home isolation brings us back into contact with that lovely bit of earth that we call home and we all should be treating like our own precious little bit of Eden…literally!

Anyway, this is supposed to be a promotion of our business of some sort, so time to get off the soap box and fill you in with what were up to at Forest Heart ecoNursery during Covid 19. We’ve reduced our hours for this period from 9-3 Tuesday to Friday and 9-2 on Saturdays. We operate a clean open air premises and are practising social distancing and increased hygiene practices. We can offer no contact purchasing and delivery options, just visit our web site We offer the best range of local native plants, cultivars, bush foods, fruit trees, mulches, fertilisers and much more and as of this week were also supplying our own range of vegetable seedlings. So when it comes to Pandemic lockdown, don’t panic, just plant-it!