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BACKGROUND :Spencer and Karen are both keen environmental educators. Karen is a teacher and Spencer is experienced in workplace assessment and training.
Together they have been involved in working with schools, community groups and conservation professionals to better understand our local ecosystems.

Our education programs include: native plants for wildlife and your gardens;  revegetation and bush regeneration management strategies and best practice;  guest speakers for your organisation;  school environmental education programs  and more.

Exciting workshops and presentations for February and March 

keyRainforest Plants of Australia – interactive app  with Gwen Harden & Bill McDonald   – Saturday 11th February 2017 (9am till 12.30pm – optional 2 hr walk available at 1pm).Rainforest Plants of Australia – Rockhampton to Victoria, is based on the popular interactive computer key (distributed as a USB) of the same name. The app includes the full identification key to 1140 species, fact sheets for all species and features used in the key, introductory and reference sections and over 8,000 images. Join two of the authors, Gwen Harden and Bill McDonald give you a personal tour of the app and learn to get the most out of this amazing identification tool. Ideal for professionals, conservation workers and native plant enthusiasts. $30/person – inlcudes morning tea.  Bookings essential. Click here to download rainforest plants flier. 



newborn-tasmanian-devilLife in a Pouch  with Dr. Les Hall – Saturday 25th February 2017 (10 am till 12pm).  Early life of Australian marsupials and echidna. This unusual little creature on the left is a newborn Tasmanian Devil. Like all marsupials the newborn young has only sufficient development of the body and internal organs to allow crawling to the mother’s pouch, attaching to a teat and to suckle milk. All subsequent life in a pouch ensures warmth, protection, transport and nourishment. The Echidna is an extraordinary animal and the journey from egg to pouch is fascinating.Join us as Les shares his amazing knowledge of these unique animals.  $15/person – inlcudes morning tea. Bookings essential.  Click here to download life in a pouch  flier. 



reesville-august-2008-smallCreating a Wildlife Friendly Garden  with Spencer Shaw – Saturday 4th March  (10 am till 12 pm)  Discover ways to increase the backyard biodiversity of your property with local native plant specialist Spencer Shaw. Explore the benefits of sharing space with wildlife. $15/person – includes morning tea. Bookings essential. Click here to download wildlife friendly garden  flier. 




nature-journal-june-15-clematis-viornaKeeping a Natural History Sketch Journal to carry in the field   with Robyn Graham  – Saturday 18th March   (1 – 3 pm)  Reconnect with nature through sketching and writing with these simple methods for capturing the living beauty of each season. Be guided by local artist Robyn Graham to create a practical record of your nature travels and local area. Beginners to drawing welcome. $30/person – includes afternoon tea. Bookings essential. Click here to download natural history journal  flier. 

To book into any of our workshops – email Karen at or call 0427 607 628. 



Stay tuned – we have many exciting workshops planned for the rest of the year!